The small village of Ararat

The small village of Ararat (not to be confused with Mount Ararat) is 40 kilometers south of Yerevan. A rocky mountain rises in the middle of the village, on top of which the family of the famous artist Maxim Gikinyan built a small church. If you climb here in the evening before sunset, you will have a fantastic view of Ararat and the Ararat Valley.
Churches, churches, churches, some churches. According to the census of medieval historians, there were up to 2 thousand churches and only 76 fortresses in Armenia. When will we finally understand that we need to build a fortress, and then a church, and we do everything the other way around
You know, I envy IT freelancers! There are absolutely fantastic options for them to live and work in Armenia. For example, my friend has restored several old Russian (Molokan) estates in the north of Armenia. I made fashionable houses out of them with all the amenities, fast Internet, kitchen, garden, sauna and even stork nests on the roofs. In the photo of Odin from his estates in the village of Bovadzor, 10 minutes by car from Stepanavan, and there is also in Stepanavan itself.
And they say that in Yerevan prices have soared for apartments and all that. I don’t give a shit about Yerevan, but seriously.I am glad that I finally earned this project from the guys, I was there myself when only the initial work was carried out.Hi everyone, I’m going there myself soon…

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