To get my husband out of the clutches of my father

To get my husband out of the clutches of my father, it became very indifferent to me, I also got a job on a terrible language that he is not near me in any way, we don’t even sleep in the same room, I can’t leave now, I need a job until I calm down.I don’t know if there is a hostess or not, I won’t check the phone for sure, because I’m already very nervous and I’m making a fight out of everything, I want to get out of this situation more, at least for the sake of my children, I’m already tired of the mood and atmosphere at home.I do not know what to say, what to leave.But I also did not obey and will not be deprived, now I will catch myself on my father’s side I went terribly crazy, and I told him that no one could restrict my freedom.Will you see what awaits me?I’m serious.who already has their own opinion, worldview….. if you decide to stay , then do so so that you and your type are respected in this family , first of all , talk to your husband seriously that if he does not protect you , does not catch you , then your marriage will have its logical end , the family is you , your child and the child , and no one will has the right to say what to do , how to do or where to go , if he loves you , he will definitely be there for you , if not , then it ‘s better not to have such a family , there is no right way to live , go live separately and don’t let them interfere. Tell your jaws, I hope they will protect you and they will be back

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