Truth and falsehood met once. The lie greeted the truth by telling him

Truth and falsehood met once. The lie greeted the truth by telling him: « it’s sunny today ». The truth looked around, looked at the sky, the day was really good. They walked around with each other and came to the big water well. The lie, dipping his hand into the water, turned to the truth. « Warm and pleasant water, » he said, – if you want, we can swim together, «  » the Truth again dipped his hand into the water suspiciously. The water was really pleasantly warm. And he accepted the invitation. They bathed together for a while. While swimming, however, the lie suddenly came out of the well, put on the garment of truth and did not disappear. The angry truth, getting out of the well, began to run naked des and Dan and look for him everywhere to get his clothes. The world, seeing him naked, ashamed, turned away angrily. Poor thing, The truth turned sadly and went to the well and got lost there forever. Since then, the lie walks in the clothes of truth and pleases the world, which does not want to see the naked truth.

When you love, touching his lips, you forget about everything in life, you detach yourself from all kinds of thoughts, you even forget about your presence and you realize that you are living at that moment, you realize that you can kiss him endlessly and not get tired, again and again, you feel that you are not afraid of anything. want, because in the return can not replace someone else’s money and treasures: when you love, stop I compare, stop, I’m on others and think, the day begins and ends, I’m on the course of your thoughts and the days I counted when I see it: when I love, I work Talia Spaniel does not seem to live:

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