Until now, for many months I have been haunted by steps nonstop

Until now, for many months I have been haunted by steps nonstop, but I did not want a cat, I do not know if her appearance, writing style did not come out, but it turned out, and I also do not understand how I fell in love with such a person, different from me, whom I considered empty tasteless, probably I did not think wrong)) but who understands the instance of de Gensky? photos with my glory geni, happy family photos, yes, one more thing she did is her husband’s page, I enter photos with my wife, family, but she follows me on another page and writes that this is not fake, there are followers in her photos, this is a normal bachelor page….
If such a happy family has a beautiful the woman she loves, why was I chosen for such a disgusting purpose, crying?..
I feel insecure and low, I’m falling, maybe a little, I also wanted to have their happy family, but personally I’m not lucky:
Is everything so lying and empty, who is he cheating on, me and his wife, and himself?..
They will continue to live happily, the wife will be proud of her choice and will never know about her husband’s fake bachelor pages, and I will continue to watch Woody Allen films and reflect on life, but always alone… and I dream of having someone with whom I will discuss the philosophy of these films, and then embrace him with love and confidence:

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