What would you do with me instead of my nerves already fit

What would you do with me instead of my nerves already fit? So I noticed several times that my mother-in-law enters the toilet and does not pull the water, I do not understand what the whole toilet bowl does with the ribs, Jura leaves Dursa, once she said from afar, coming « who enters the water does not pull, » I said, and after that some kind of juggling was normal, now The same story again ️ ️ what should I do?, and in general, my mother-in-law, who does something extraordinary, and I don’t like such things that crazy people say about me in terms of purity. Everything should be perfect for me, you will come here and say that his house has lived like this for so many years, I can’t change something myself. I disagree there is definitely a way that Karelia can say at least to make it clear that they don’t like it.. I said No with your underwear , I won ‘t wash my clothes , I got terribly angry … I ‘m offended , I don ‘t know why … I do not know girls try to understand my help please, what should I do to make everything okay

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