Yes, I’m married, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dating someone in secret

Yes, I’m married, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dating someone in secret.:
She is not at all like my wife, always stuck in kitchen worries, the topic of conversation of which is only children, the contents of the refrigerator, public spending and fatigue.:
Yes, it is not easy for a married man to resist the hectic pace of life, because we love when we do not care, when instead of offending and complaining, we hear words of love:
That’s why I want to give all my married friends an important advice: do not stop having a mistress, even if you are married, because this is the only way you will feel really happy.:
And who said that if we are Husbands, we should not behave like teenagers in love with each other, we should not strive to make our feelings more perfect and harmonious:
And for this you need your side of the woman will always be interesting to you, will do everything that it pleases her to feel, not the child mimino and cleaning maids believe me, all your family problems, the reason was that at some point your wives stopped loving them and feeling:
So do your best to make your wives feel happy, ask a family member to stay with the children and rob him from time to time of everyday worries, take him to a beautiful place and tell him that you love him, because a family can only be happy when the mother of the family is happy, :

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