I have a friend, we have been friends for more than 4 years

I have a friend, we have been friends for more than 4 years, but deep down I have a feeling that I made the wrong choice, and this feeling just did not arise. Initially, when he proposed to me, I refused several times, I felt that I would not feel complete with him, and the husband who represented me could not be for me, but thanks to his perseverance and great love for me, we are now together. And somehow everything went very smoothly, there was no specific moment when we began to be friends, and now we are at the stage when I know his family, ours with them, and everyone seems to be happy and happy with this relationship, except me.
I’m saying that I’m not sure that I love you, I’m afraid to link my life with the wrong person and never be happy, and so constantly. I am always honest with him, I do not deceive, I say what I feel, we try to discuss everything, understand what the reason is, it seems that the issue is being resolved for some time, and the same problem arises again, and again I want to end our relationship.
I will say that he loves me very much, I know that I am always in the first place for him, he is very attentive to me, cares, tries to help in any matter, but still, in order to feel completely happy, I lack something, and I can’t clearly say what, but I have this the feeling that he can’t give me what I need. And yet, I often caught myself thinking that, for example, which guy I would be happier with, he better meets my requirements and similar thoughts, there is no one specific with whom I always compare, it may even be random passers-by. I don’t know, but in any case, I think this is also not true, because he also has many shortcomings that do not bother me, but there are things that cannot be changed, and I do not know if I can close my eyes to them and feel completely happy, in any case, it does not work out yet.
Maybe it is not clear to many of you, because for most it is clear that either they love or they don’t like, or they choose or they don’t, but for me this is an inexplicably difficult decision, and I will ask for help with your advice, experience, how you made the choice, how do I understand that he is the only one with who should I connect my life with, and how should I start loving him so as not to compare myself with others, because in the love I have presented, he should be the best,

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